Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Middle School in Southern Colorado May 2014

Four main hotspots are identified by the client.

Hot spot #1: Client reports a now retired school janitor was walking into a classroom and reached his hand around the wall to turn on the light switch and something pulled him in. He left immediately left and refused to go into that room after dark. Upon entering this room Kim reports her solar plexus is pulsing as she walks into the room. “I sensed a male energy, very unsettling. He seemed capable of aggression and certainly attitude. I felt he was extremely watchful of me and our team. He is capable of physical contact, yet I would not consider him particularly dangerous to anyone in the school.” Review of an audio recorder place in that room provided this EVP.

Hotspot #2: Client reports having a student who left in the middle of class to come to this bathroom and just stare into the doorway; this was all caught on camera. The boy went to talk to the client (who is a school counselor) and told her that he saw a little girl huddled in the restroom doorway wearing a dress. The girl had no eyes and blood all over her face. The client dismissed this until several years later when a different student told her he saw the same girl in the same location. Client reports that the retired janitor would hear footsteps out in the hallway just outside of his office, also near this restroom, but when he would check it out, he would find no one and never heard any doors closing. Also nothing showed up on the school cameras, which do not have sound. Kim reports sensing the spirit of a little girl, Jessica being the name she gave me. She’s young, no younger than 5, no older than about 8. She is very afraid, and has been seen by students and faculty, no eyes. She told me her father blinded her with branding irons before he killed her. She’s terrified of him, and is in a state of constantly trying to hide from him. This spirit is harmless to the living, though wants help. Review of an audio recorder during an EVP session revealed this female voice in the background while Kim is speaking.

Hotspot #3: The former classroom of a beloved teacher who passed away unexpectedly just before Christmas several years ago. There are reports of things disappearing or being moved. Kim did not report any activity but during an EVP session, a voice is captured providing an intelligent response to the question asked. There seems to be some sighs or hissing following that response. This EVP was enhanced to bring out the voice but not the sighs/hisses.

Hotspot #4: This is a modular out building where the client does art projects with his students. He reports the lights will go off randomly and stay off for no longer than 15 seconds and then come back on. He has had the electrical checked by an electrician who reported no issues. Client says he saw a ghost woman once standing in the hallway between the two rooms. He calls her “Sally”. Kim reports no activity in this area. A full spectrum camera placed in order to capture the lights going out is successful in doing so while no one was present in the locked building. However, in this case the lights do not come back on after 15 seconds.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

PICTURE: WWI group pic

WWI group pic: A group picture of a World War I squadron was taken at the HMS Daedalus training facility in 1919.  Even air mechanic, Freddy Jackson (circled) showed up for it.  The only problem is, Jackson was killed in an accident two days before.

PICTURE: Woods Woman

Woods Woman: This photo was taken by Reverend R.S. Blance at Corroboree Rock near Alice Springs, Australia in 1959.  It wouldn’t seem double exposure, as the scenery behind and in front of her is not affected.

PICTURE: The Brown Lady

The Brown Lady: Known as the Brown Lady of Raynham Hall, this picture was taken in 1936, and many claim it may be the ghost of Lady Townshend.  The unfortunate woman had been effectively held prisoner in the mansion by her husband until 1726, when she supposedly died. Purportedly,  Indre Shira and Captain Hubert C. Provand were photographing the house when Shira saw a strange, misty figure gliding slowly down the stairs. They snapped the photo, capturing arguably the most famous ghost picture ever.


Priest: Taken in 1999 at Sefton Church in Merseyside, England, the photographer was fascinated by the building and said there was no one standing there when he took the picture.

PICTURE: Climbing the Stairs

Climbing the Stairs: In 1966, Rev. Ralph Hardy visited the National Museum in Greenwich, England. He snapped this photo while in the Queen’s House section of the Museum. The photograph and the negatives were examined by experts, including those from Kodak, and all have concluded that the negative was not tampered with nor is it a double exposure.

PICTURE: Church Parishioner

Church Parishioner: In 1964, Gordon Carrol captured this shot at The Church of St. Mary the Virgin in Northampton, England.  Many had reported seeing a ghostly figure that would show up during Mass praying.